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Who We Are

Lisa Hornland CPA, CGA Owner

Hornland Chartered Professional Accountant is a limited Accounting Firm, owned and operated in St. Albert, Alberta. Servicing individuals and Small Businesses in St. Albert, Edmonton and surrounding area, we specialize in Personal (T1) Taxes and Small Business (T2) Corporate Taxes, as well as Bookkeeping and Consultation. We strive to meet the growth and economic goals of our clients. 

By providing accurate financial information and a diverse way of thinking at a low cost, we are able to ensure the MONEY stays with YOU. Because our clients main focus is personal growth, business expansion, operations and revenue generation, we thrive on allocating our expertise to the financial aspect of the individual and business. Whether it's playing catch up, start up, hurry up, or finish up, we provide a variety of services to suit your needs. Please view the Services page for full details.

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